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Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia

The Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia elicits quite a diverse environment. This is a place where the southern temperate climate meets the cooler north. A stunning array of flora and fauna are contrived. Two forests converge into the Chattahoochee - Oconee National Forest.

With all this as a backdrop, the climate and scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains provide many opportunities for sightseeing and recreation. Whether interested in hiking, water sports, nostalgic train travel, or local "Appalachia" culture and more, visitors to the area are continually inspired to seek out new more about Blue Ridge Mountains Georgia

Broad Street

Augusta has always been a city that appreciated its art. However, in Augusta, the local artist repaid that devotion well. As the second largest and second oldest city in Georgia, Augusta early on developed a downtown business district with Broad Street as its heart. Broad Street was where citizens shopped, dined, mingled and considered the heart of their city. With the advent of suburbs and malls in the 50s and 60s, Augusta's Broad Street area fell into a decline. Stores closed and became boarded up graffiti covered buildings where few wanted to venture.

This was happening in cities across the country. People found it easier to visit a mall. They were covered, convenient, had lots of parking and were new. People overlooked that malls were impersonal cookie cutter clusters of chain stores not local owned and really with no stake in the community.

Then in 1994, someone in the city had an idea. Artists were the poorest tenants usually and had a hard time paying rents in the overpriced malls. Why not offer them the opportunity to have subsided rent on some of the stores that were currently sitting empty anyway downtown? Since there was living space upstairs, the artists could live above their galleries. All they asked in return was that the artists open late and set up out in front of the galleries and demonstrate their art on the first Friday each month. The artists might have been poor and struggling but they weren’t crazy and they knew a win win situation when they saw one. Cheap rent, living quarters included and an opportunity to demonstrate what they love to do all at reduced rent? Their response was as expected: where do I sign up? more »

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