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Blue Ridge Here You Come
By Caitlin Moore

Crowning Georgia with majestic peaks that sparkle like gems thanks to an abundance of lakes and rivers are the Blue Ridge Mountains, a vacation destination that will please you and your traveling companions more than you might realize. Peace, quiet, and a dash of adventure will characterize your trip, so start planning to make your way to the northernmost regions of the state.

The best way to guarantee a good time is had by all is to start with the basics: lodging. Youíve been duped and scammed before, ending up in places that look nothing like the brochure and with lovely views of parking lots and back alleys. Not that there are too many unattractive blemishes in the Blue Ridge area, but you should take the steps that you can to ensure a stellar vacation on all areas of the board.

Do this by renting a vacation property that you have researched online. The ample pictures, maps, and descriptions that you see on your computer screen will likely give you comfort, and by comparing all the various lodges and cottages side by side, youíll be sure to choose the one that will best fit your familyís needs, wants, and desires.

Perhaps your heart will tell you to pick a cabin in the Chattahoochee National Forest that youíve heard so much about. This way, your little band of hikers will be pleased to be able to walk out the front door and hit the trails on a daily basis. Swear off your gas-guzzling vehicle for a few days and live life as the original northern Georgians once did, by the rhythm of the sun, moon, and stars.

Of course, those long ago folks didnít have fully equipped kitchens with modern appliances, wraparound decks complete with hot tub, four-poster beds with down comforters, or no-holds-barred game rooms, but thatís not your fault. Living in the woods for a few days in a rustic-looking cabin doesnít have to be painful, and as long as you can breathe fresh air and see the sky at night, you can consider yourself in the wilderness.

In addition to setting out on hikes whenever you please, youíll also be able to easily arrange whitewater rafting rides, fishing trips in the bass and trout-filled lakes and rivers, horseback riding, and antique shopping. Or, stock up on staples at the nearby grocery store and then retreat to your cabin for a few days. Lovebirds might find this appealing, as all that really makes a vacation special is the time you spend with your significant other in a relaxed location. Hole up, hide away, and take the time that you need to reconnect.

Many vacation rentals welcome pets, so if youíre driving to Blue Ridge and canít bear to leave Fido in a kennel, donít despair. Be sure to check it out first, but donít be surprised if all members of the family end up taking part in this all-around superior vacation. Some properties are even specially outfitted for babies, so keep this in mind as well.

The amenities of a vacation home also lend themselves to visiting any time of the year. Summer, of course, is best if you have lots of swimming and sunning in mind, but watching the leaves change from your porch swing or huddling by the fireplace on a chilly winterís night both make for pleasant ways to spend your time as well. Your schedule may not be very flexible, so come for a visit whenever you can safe with the knowledge that itíll be a fine time no matter what.

Bird watch, deer watch, or cloud watch, youíll have plenty of time, space, and privacy to do what you please during your Blue Ridge Vacation. Especially if you make the wise choice to settle down in a comfortable home away from home that will put your previous lodging situations to shame, this holiday will earn a place on the list of your all time favorites.

There are no mysteries or insurmountable challenges involved here; just go online and take a look at all the Blue Ridge Mountains Vacation Rentals, that are available. One of them is the future site of your next amazing trip, so keep your eyes open for it. is an extensive marketplace for vacation rentals in locations all over the world.

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