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Goats on the Roof

by Kathleen Walls

Goats on the Roof

There are lots of things you might expect to find on a roof; birds, bats, insects, maybe even Santa and a sleigh with eight reindeers. However, in Tiger, a small town in Rabun County Georgia near Clayton, you will find an unexpected treat, Goats on the Roof. It's a fun stop for children and grownups alike with local food items, lots of cute souvenirs, ice cream and even an Old Goat Mining operation where you can try to capture a few gemstones.


One of the goats starts across the bridge

The big draw is naturally the goats. When you visit, you will see a herd of goats that live on the roofs of the buildings. There are all ages from mama and papa goat to some cute little kids. The roofs are thatched with sod to produce lots of grass for the roof dwellers. There is a wooden bridge where the goats can cross from one building to another. Most fun of all there are several devices where you can push, pedal or otherwise send up some food to the goats. Naturally, the goats know where all the feeding stations are and when they see humans approach they head for the likely spot where their dinner will arrive.

The Old Goat Mining Company

The owners, Tracy Allard and Danny Benson , will tell you with a straight face about the origin of the goats. They arrived via space ship and are really aliens from outer space. Uncle Buck, Rabun County's resident goat whisperer, "spoke" to the goats and found this out. The reason they hang out on the roof is that they are waiting for a solar eclipse of the apricot moon, then the constellation Aries will turn to gold.  When that happens, the Mother Ship of the Goat Universe will swoop down and return the goats to their native system, Aries. Fortunately, you have a lot of time to go see the goats as according to the Global Office of Astronomical Technology (G. O. A. T.), the anticipated eclipse won't happen again until August of 3014.  The owners ask that you please don't tell the goats. After all who knows what alien goats might do if provoked? So instead offer them plenty of goat food and kind words. They seem to enjoy having their pictures taken also.



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